Alumni College Experience (ACE)

First day of class. A new professor. A new year. A new beginning.

The love of learning is something innate in so many Pointers. We enjoy challenging ourselves, pushing boundaries and growing. Alumni College Experiences (ACE) is a new program from the UWSP Alumni Association that taps into and nurtures the desire for lifelong learning.

What is ACE?
ACE is an educational tool composed of nontraditional “classes” that bring a bit of the UWSP campus to alumni, wherever they may be. Each ACE class is broken down into sessions featuring short videos on a topic of interest, curated and presented by faculty, staff and guest lecturers. No tests or quizzes are given, but questions, which are relayed to presenting professors, are encouraged and will be answered in future videos as time allows.

Is there a cost?
No. This is a free benefit to UWSP alumni.

How often will a new ACE be posted?
Once a class starts, sessions will be posted once a week until the class is completed. New classes will be posted periodically; there is no set schedule. All video sessions will be housed within the pages of the ACE website, where they can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on several different platforms

Tune in to explore something new, and let us know what topics you’d like to see discussed. We look forward to discovering, and rediscovering, together!

"Marketing On A Professional and Personal Level" with Professor Ricardo Boeing

Join Prof. Ricardo Boeing as he gives an overview of marketing concepts and definitions and how they can be used on a personal and professional level. Learn about main marketing concepts, basic digital marketing concepts and types of social media platforms and how they benefit a business.

"Relationships, Sexuality and Love" with Susan Turgeson

Join Dr. Susan Turgeson, Associate Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences, as she walks through the social, emotional and intellectual areas of different types of love, human sexuality, relationship health and love languages.


“What is critical thinking, and what will the Critical Thinking Center do?” with Professor Dôna Warren

Our first class explores the basic principles of critical thinking, and shares some of the exciting ventures coming out of our Critical Thinking Center on campus.

"Cornerstone Press and Publishing at UWSP" with Ross Tangedal

Our fourth class is an overview on Cornerstone Press, UWSP's independent publishing house and teaching press, taught by Prof. Ross Tangedal.


"The U.S. Constitution" with Professor John Blakeman 

Our second class is an overview on how the United States Supreme Court interprets the Constitution and how constitutional law affects specific policy areas in American Politics.

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