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Strengthening the DOG Pack

Community partners join forces with UWSP to make Day of Giving a howling success

Jeanne Nagle | Campus and Community | May 25, 2021


A Safe Space

Sense of belonging permeates UWSP Veterans Club

Jeanne Nagle | Campus and Community | November 11, 2020


"Change Begins With Us"

When it comes to alums Marc and Lisa Young, actions speak just as loud as words

Ashlee Weidman | Campus and Community | July 28, 2020


Golden Moments Revisited

July 2017

One of the most prominent memories Jim Shilling '66 has of his graduation ceremony at University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point was the trumpet fanfare that announced the procession of graduates. "You look up at Old Main and see the long trumpets in each of the bell towers," he says of the former Commencement tradition. That moment sent shivers down his spine back then, and "still does when I think of that day."

During his second Commencement procession, as part of his first Golden Iris Reunion in 2016, music was still a factor, but Shilling was singing a different tune–literally. Upon their arrival on campus, he and his fellow Golden Iris alumni were asked to regale students and staff with a rendition of "Arf-Arf-Arf! Come on Pointers!"



Inspiration Point

April 2017

"Professor Shanny Luft is an asset to the university, and he should make a quarter of a million dollars a year.” So said Amy Vida ’16, who studied under Luft, associate professor of religious studies at UW-Stevens Point. In lieu of a sizeable salary bump, however, Vida found another way to show her appreciation of Luft, She presented him with her 2016 Token of Inspiration.



A Head of the Game

January 2018

Neinas Concussion Initiative opens the door to leading-edge research at UWSP

Professional sports leagues in the United States have invested a great deal of time and money in the implementation of effective concussion protocols. Chief among them is the National Football League, which last year announced it was investing $100 million in initiatives designed to improve player equipment (especially helmets) and conduct medical research into the nature of traumatic head injury. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has teamed up with none other than the U.S. Defense Department to conduct research into this area, based largely on student-athlete screening and evaluation. Now, thanks to a generous gift by Charles “Chuck” Neinas, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is poised to join the ranks of institutions taking the lead on concussion research and treatment.



Get to know the Spring 2021 Grads

Check out the profile below introducing the Class of 2021 by the numbers. Congratulations graduates! 

May 22, 2021 | Campus and Community


Come Together

UWSP’s Black Student Union celebrates 50 years of honoring and sharing black culture

Jeanne Nagle | Campus and Community | February 23, 2021


Do All, Be All

Point businesswoman helps nontraditional students through scholarship creation

Jeanne Nagle | Campus and Community | October 29, 2020


Point of Impact

Alumni Board creates new award saluting the everyday agents of change among us

Jeanne Nagle | Campus and Community | October 22, 2020


A Family Affair

Reunion program offers alums a “Golden” opportunity for a double celebration
July 2018


How Green Was My Building

Science and sustainability join forces in UWSP’s new Chemistry Biology Building
October 2018


Little Things Mean A Lot

July 2017

On December 17, 2016, Taylor Dubey was preparing to take the stage and receive her diploma from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. But "the old sheepskin" was not the only thing Dubey and her fellow winter graduates received that day. Prior to the Commencement ceremony, each soon-to-be new alumnus was given a gold dollar from the Chancellor, which he or she could keep as a memento of time spent at the school or donate to the university by depositing them in one of the purple buckets stationed at the doors leading into MAC. Dubey didn't hesitate to return her coin. Neither did 224 of her classmates–nearly half the graduating class.



Distinguishing Features

October 2017

Awards program highlights strengths within the UWSP alumni ranks

“Pointer Pride” is more than a familiar, alliterative catchphrase at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. It is an expression of unity, a declaration of collective identity. Inherent in the phrase is an assurance that the successes of any individual Pointer reflects favorably on us all.

For that reason, Pointers take pleasure in acknowledging and celebrating the unique contributions made by UWSP community members who have distinguished themselves in some manner. One way in which the university has chosen to do this is through its Distinguished Alumni Awards program.



Meeting Tech Demands

April 2017

A $4 million gift from Sentry Insurance has opened the door to a world of opportunity at UWSP. The funds have been used, in part, to create a new major in data analytics at the University, which was first offered in Fall 2016. According to computing and new media technologies department chair Professor Tim Krause, this new field of study could have a profound affect on enrollment numbers. “This investment by Sentry means we are having discussions with students about coming to this university that never would have happened,” he said.