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How We Met

A collection of Pointer love stories shared through social media in honor of Valentine's Day

"I was an ARC in Steiner Hall and returning staff member when John was hired on as CA in the same hall. I always told myself that I would never date anyone I worked with especially since I was with someone already at the time we met as coworkers. He told me later that he found me attractive right away but never pursued anything out of respect for the break-up that happened to me during staff training and our mutually busy schedules. However, by the spring we were both more comfortable with everything and soon he was sitting with me during my front desk shift. We started dating in the spring of 2007 and managed to get through our last year at Point still together (and still on staff together). We moved to Minnesota where John got his PhD in biochemistry /biotechnology, we were married in 2011 and welcomed our daughter into the world in 2014. We always think of our hall director as being the one who brought us together and we regularly remember all the fun times we had at UWSP." -Elizabeth Haugner '08

"Jeff and I met in 1999 when he was a freshman moving into Thomson Hall and I was an RA. We were friends and went on our first date on Valentine's Day 2001. After that date we were just friends until we came back to school the next year we ran into each other at DeBot when I was late for a staff breakfast and he was coming in from football practice. Now married 10 years and have two wonderful children, we hold a special place in our heart for UWSP! My group of friends that I met in May Roach Hall in 1997 are still my go-to girls and we get together when we can. For Jeff, the football team and the smell of football in fall bring him back to his years on the Point team." -Vanessa Sieg

"I met Jeannine Milazzo in the fall of 1979 in our junior year of school. We were living in Nelson Hall and got engaged there in spring of 1981 on Valentine's Day. After graduation that year we moved to the Chicago area and were married in 1982. We've been married since then, have three daughters, one four year old grandson and twin baby grandson's." - Les Nelson '81


"I had transferred to Point in spring semester of 2006. After reconnecting with some old friends from high school who went to Point, they introduced me to their "family away from family". It was a group of eight guys and four girls. I didn't know that I was getting to know my future husband in this group.  He had a secret crush on me and I told my roommate he was the only guy I'd date out of his house of eight guys. We had the longest talk at Partners one night, over dollar bottles. At the end of the night he made a bet that he would go to his 8 a.m. morning class, I said he wouldn't. Winner got a drink bought from the other one. He purposely missed 8 a.m. class, and we've been having great conversations as husband and wife for almost five years now!" -Tara Koenigs

"Mike and I met at Treehaven UWSP in Tomahawk, WI. He was a student and I was in charge of both the stockroom and dorms. He checked out a softball nearly everyday, yet never played softball. There couldn't be much more of an easy hint, yet I never caught on. He was too cute to talk to anyways. After resuming classes again at the UWSP College of Natural Resources in the fall, I felt some taps on my back while a friend and I were playing darts at Partners. I turn around and see Mike with a grin from ear to ear. Our first date was a walk around Schmeeckle Reserve and I knew half way through the gorgeous trails that he was perfect. The date got cut short by flag football. As the date finished he reached out for a hug.... my awkward-self retracted my arms, managed to spit out "bye", and speed-walked towards my dorm. No hug. No kiss. No nothing. So awkward. I remember calling mom on the walk home thinking what on earth did I just do. *facepalm* Fast forward several years. We're happily married, homeowners, dorks, nature nerds, and first-time parents (that caved and leased a mini van!) -Katie Huber

"My boyfriend and I both worked at UW-Stevens Point Student Government Association - he was the budget director and I was the chief of staff. He and I were friends for three years before finally starting to date only months before graduation! He and I moved to Minneapolis together after graduation, both found jobs (he works at Cargill and I work at Minnesota Philanthropy Partners) and recently got a puppy, Cooper. Interestingly enough, we both started at UW-Eau Claire as freshmen (before meeting one another) and we both transferred to Point as freshmen - where we met! We joined UWSP SGA one week apart from one another, so we always joke that it was meant to be!" -Leah Aeby '15

"We met at UWSP in Dr. Veum's physics discussion section in '03. We shared some biology classes and studied together often. We were good friends, spending time together working out at The Allen Center, eating lunch at the DeBot cafeteria and walking through Schmeeckle Reserve. We started to officially date long distance during graduate school in 2006, followed by marriage in June 2010. We welcomed our first baby girl into the world in August 2013. -Andra Pike

"Aric and I started dating in 1999. We had known each other for a couple years before that since we both worked at 90FM. I always thought he was cute but I was too shy to ask him out. I became his boss (haha) when I was hired as the Program Director and he was the Music Director. Turns out, he thought I was cute too! We had so much fun together and haven't stopped almost 17 years later. We graduated in 2000 and got married in 2001. We've enjoyed many adventures including moving to a few states and having two kids. We've been living in Colorado for the last 10 years, but Point will always hold a special place in our hearts." -Amanda Julian Otzelberger '00

"Nathan and I met through mutual friends we didn't even know we had. He played Ultimate Frisbee for the UWSP club team, Homegrown, and he had unfortunately torn his ACL. Our friends were throwing him a small "going away" party as he was heading back to Sheboygan for surgery. My friend Erica invited me and after a night of playing games, I began to notice this cute guy. He and I hit it off but the next morning he left to go home. A few days later I asked Erica for his number and after a few more days of getting up the courage to call him, we set a date for the next weekend. We went on our first date to Applebee's and then back to his place for a great weekend! Sadly we had to say goodbye but for the next month and a half we got to know each other over the phone. He had his surgery, recovered and before we knew it school was starting up again. On September 1st, 2007, he asked me to officially become his girlfriend. We had many adventures while finishing our degrees at UWSP, he was a biology/biochemistry major and I was an elementary education major, including many nights at The Cabin, playing broom-ball and Frisbee intramurals, and many nights studying for classes and celebrating weekends with friends. In 2009, he graduated and moved to Chicago to pursue his dental degree and we once again found ourselves sharing life over the phone. I graduated in 2010 and moved to Chicago. We lived there for three years, Nathan was attending UIC Dental School and I was working at a YMCA and then teaching kindergarten at a south side charter school. In November 2010, Nathan and I got engaged and on July 30, 2011 we were married. In 2013, he graduated from dental school, we moved back up to the Hancock area, purchased our first home, I began teaching 3rd/4th/5th grade reading and science within the Westfield School District, and he began his job as a dentist at Family Health/La Clinica in Wautoma. We have traveled to many places including St. Louis, San Francisco, Oregon, Hawaii and will be celebrating our five year wedding anniversary this summer and are looking forward to what life has in store for us next. To think, it all began in a small apartment at 2221 Sims Ave." -Katie (Richardson) Daily '10