On the Job


Tricks of the Trade

Enter the world of Tristan Crist, which is where the magic happens

Jeanne Nagle | On the Job | July 2023


Claiming His Seat at the Table

Thanks to his experiences at UWSP, Timothy Fair has found his true calling

Jeanne Nagle and Taylor Wszelaki ’16 | On the Job | February 2023


Point of Brew

Alums offer a glimpse into the art and science of making beer

Jeanne Nagle | On the Job | October 2022


With a Song In His Heart

Danny Mitchell has turned his passion for music into a successful career

Jeanne Nagle | On the Job | January 2022


Doing What Comes Naturally

Jacob Marty propels his family farm forward by getting back to basics

Jeanne Nagle | On the Job | July 13, 2020


A Digital Revelation


August 2017

You may not know Nelson Carvajal ’07, but chances are you have at least a passing familiarity with his work. Carvajal has served as a production staffer of several successful television shows and films, including ER, Chicago PD, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Suicide Squad. For three years, until May 2017, he worked as an associate producer on Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show.

But to fans of digital film, Carvajal is something of a household name. The Webby Award nominee is a well-regarded video essayist and independent filmmaker who is at the forefront of the Do It Yourself (DIY) film movement.



Artistic Expressions

Stormy Kromer’s Gina Thorsen heeds twin passions for art and family

Jeanne Nagle | On the Job | May 2023


One For the Books

The "library life" is alumnus Patrick Losinski's true calling

Jeanne Nagle and Jody Rowland | On the Job | December 2022


A Life Unscripted

Samantha Diamond develops her own career storyline as a television reality show editor

Jeanne Nagle | On the Job | June 12, 2022


Branching Out

Heather Berklund’s career trajectory at the state DNR has her reaching new heights in forestry management

Ashlee Weidman | On the Job | March 24, 2021


On Being A Good Sport

Val Every ’19 turns a temporary school athletics loss into a career win

Jeanne Nagle | February 26, 2020 | On the Job


From a River’s Banks to the High-Court Bench

Mike Pucci ’82 helps ensure that the environment reigns “Supreme” in Virginia

By Jeanne Nagle | September 9, 2019 | On the Job


Part of the Solution

August 2017

In some cases, “wildcard” is used as a pejorative term, describing something that is wildly, and perhaps dangerously, unpredictable. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the information technology company Wildcard Corp., founded in 2007 by UW-Stevens Point alumnus Talin Senner ’00. By offering a full slate of cybersecurity and other technology solutions, Wildcard actively defends against the dangerously unpredictable.

“I started my own IT company and became a ‘wildcard’ in the sense of working on a variety of projects and technologies,” says Senner, “from systems engineering to programming.”



The Will and the Way

August 2017

Working toward a degree in biology, with an emphasis on aquatic environments, Andy Janicki ’07 was on track to secure a job that would allow him to work outdoors—a dream come true for this devotee of the natural world. He did indeed wind up in his preferred work environment … just not quite in the way he had planned. As a result of a 2005 spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic, Janicki’s career focus shifted from limnology to disability rights. Thankfully, he still has been able to spend many work hours outdoors since founding Wheels to Water, a nonprofit that provides adaptive kayaking trips to people with disabilities.