Thank you, UWSP Veterans

By Jeanne Nagle | November 11, 2019 | Profiles

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has a longstanding campus-connection with the United States Armed Forces. During Word War I and II, Nelson Hall became a sort of base of operations for military training groups: The Student Army Training Corp in 1918 and the 97th College Training Detachment in 1943. Today, students in the university’s Department of Military Science (more commonly known as ROTC) concurrently earn a bachelor’s degree and a commission into the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant, going on to leadership roles in the regular Army or in the Army Reserves or National Guard.

The common thread running through UWSP’s military tapestry is the men and women who have walked the halls of our university prior to military service. In honor of Veterans Day 2019, we offer a brief glimpse into the lives of three such Pointers who represent the dedication to one’s country and one’s community engrained in UWSP the world over.


Steven Day:
Challenge Accepted
Mark Anderson:
Pulling Double Duty 
 Jim Campbell:
Serving With Honor


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