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A Cupola Dozen: Nik Kolbeck '16

Donuts. Roses. Many enjoyable things come in twelves. That includes the new Q&A feature, A Cupola Dozen. The inaugural installment presents Nik Kolbeck ’16, communications director at the home of world-famous Mepps fishing lures, Sheldons’ Inc.

1. Morning person or night owl?

Technically I am a morning person, but that doesn’t mean it is easy for me to wake up in the mornings. Luckily at UW-Stevens Point, 8 a.m. classes are a great way to force yourself to become a morning person.

2. Career aspiration(s) when you were 8

Growing up, I always loved animals, so that led to me wanting to be a veterinarian. After learning how much schooling was needed and finding out that I had to deal with blood and surgery, I started losing my vet passion. Still love animals though!

3. Favorite spot on the UWSP campus, and why?

By default, I would say the Noel Fine Arts Center computer lab was my go-to spot. I spent a large majority of my schooling in the NFAC working on graphic design projects. I do also think the MAC gym (now called the Skyward Fieldhouse) is a great opportunity for students to take advantage of. You don’t realize how out of shape you’ve gotten until you play a pick-up game of basketball.

4. Fondest memory/memories from your time as an undergrad

Commuting to my 8 a.m. class during a snowstorm. The university and part of Stevens Point lost power. Almost witnessed multiple car accidents driving in, but that still was not enough to cancel class. We had class in the dark that day, but at least the heat was still working. Also, I should give a shoutout to the folks who wore shorts outside in the middle of winter at 8 a.m. I always admired them from afar because I enjoyed having feeling in my extremities. 

5. Age you first started fishing

I would estimate somewhere between 6 and 8 years old. All I really remember is not catching fish, but that’s because my dad would tie a hex nut on the end of my fishing line instead of a fishing hook. His idea worked great for me not hooking myself or others, but unfortunately, it’s difficult to hook a fish when you don’t actually have a hook tied on your line.

6. Favorite fishing hole

Being that I was born and raised in the Stevens Point/Plover Area, it’s hard not to love fishing on the Wisconsin River. There are a multitude of fish species you can target, and Mepps fishing lures … can catch pretty much all of them! 

7. Largest fish caught 

My largest fish ever caught was likely a musky or a pike, but I enjoy fishing for bass the most. I’m still trying to land my first 5-pound smallmouth bass, but have caught numerous 3.5-pound to 4-pound smallmouth. If I’m going for the overly large football-sized smallies, I’m likely headed up to Door County.

8. Most imaginative “fish story” you’ve ever told/heard

Usually, the imaginative fish stories always start with “I don’t have any photos of it, but my wife’s sister’s cousin was with me … .”

9. Relaxing vacation at the beach or adventure travel?

Adventure travel! I just have to make sure I can bring my fishing rod.

10. Top five songs on your current actual or mental playlist

I feel like an outcast saying this, but I don’t have a top-songs playlist. For me, it just depends what kind of mood I’m in for the day. If the Packers/Brewers/Bucks win, I’m probably listening to All I Do Is Win by DJ Khalid; if they lose, I’m probably listening to Bad Day by Daniel Powter. The Packers and Brewers both lost [recently], so you know what that means …

11. Would you rather have a rewind or pause button on your life, and why?

A pause button. Life moves fast and you don’t realize how good a moment of your life is or was until that moment has passed. We spend our adult school years busting our butts to make a future living for ourselves, but once we finally reach our end goal, we are so caught up with improving our own situation that we fail to spend quality time with loved ones and friends. Finding time for both is not easy, but if I had a pause button, I would click pause on every family get together, sports event or fishing trip that I possibly could. 

12. Personal motto

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” We’ve all heard the saying before, but it still rings true for me, whether I’m at work or at home. Some days it may be working alongside a coworker on a big project with a tight deadline, and other days it may be having to compromise in a relationship at home. No matter the situation, both sides must work together and sacrifice for the betterment of the group to reach its goal.