Like Father, Like Son

Scholarship recipient takes after his alumnus dad in more ways than one

Laura Gehrman Rottier | Profiles | September 16, 2020

One of Alumni Generations Scholarship recipient Blake Raymer’s earliest memories involves his father helping him catch his first fish at age 3. Flash forward to this fall as Blake, strongly influenced by the conservationist and nature-loving example set by his father, embarks on a course of study in fisheries biology. What’s more, he is pursuing a “career aimed at positively impacting our natural resources” at his father’s alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Blake first set foot on the UWSP campus during an admissions visit in 2018. But his knowledge of the university started practically from birth due to his father’s academic legacy.

Bradley Raymer is as proud a Pointer as they come. He graduated in 1989 with a degree in urban forestry, and currently works for the parks department in Janesville. Brad has passed on his passion for the outdoors and the university to his son, who is not only following in his dad’s footsteps with regard to the school he will attend, but also following suit by choosing to pursue a career in an outdoorsy field.

“He had always told me that UWSP was a great school for natural resources degrees,” Blake says of his dad. “Because I was interested in pursuing a degree in fisheries biology, I thought that the school would be a perfect fit.”

Blake recalls fondly the tales his dad shared of his time as an undergrad.

“My personal favorite story came from his days at Treehaven and checking bear traps as a teaching assistant,” Blake says. “Unfortunately for my dad, the group’s only caught bear came at a time when he was shuttling vehicles for the school. He never got to see the bear.”

As Blake begins making his own memories at UWSP, he brings with him an impressive list of achievements. A top academic performer at Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville, he had been a member of the school’s Future Farmers of America Club and wildlife management team. He plays an array of sports, and volunteers his time participating in events such as river clean-up and church service projects.

Blake is looking forward to what the future and the college experience bring. He hopes to join some of the groups on campus that relate to his intended major. He also looks forward to the return of club sports on campus, so he can remain active and meet other students who share his athletic interests.

He is already thinking about what he will do after he graduates from UWSP. His plans include enrolling in a master’s program and pursuing a career as a fisheries biologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

He also looks forward to experiencing the same camaraderie and active participation in campus life at UWSP that made Bradley “cherish his college years.” Bradley is pleased by that prospect as well.

“My dad was happy to hear that I am attending Point,” Blake remarks, “and says he hopes my experience will be as enjoyable as his.”


Jeanne Nagle contributed to this story.


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