Malia's Eggroll Recipe

From the Kitchen of: Malia Xiong '18
Category: Appetizers


3 (40 ct) pkg eggroll wrappers (Spring Home brand), thaw 2-3 hours before usage
15 oz (6 bundles) bean thread/glass noodles (pink bag)
5 lb ground pork (can use any meat of your choice)
1 T cooking oil
3 T minced garlic
3 med onions, sliced (soaked in cold water)
2 lb shredded cabbage
1.5 lb coleslaw blend
4 oz shredded carrots
0.5 bundle of cilantro, chopped
1 bundle green onion, chopped
1 gallon cooking oil (peanut/corn/vegetable)

6 eggs (reserve 2 egg yolk to seal wrapper)
1 c oyster sauce (Panda Brand)
2 T Maggi seasoning sauce
2 T fish sauce (4 crab brand)
2 T chicken powder (Knorr brand)
1 T salt
2 T black pepper

Sweet chili sauce (Pantai brand)

Aluminum foil pan or frying pan (used to cook eggrolls)
1 pair of tongs
Stovetop to cook eggrolls
3 pans (2 for raw and 1 for cooked eggrolls-place paper towel on bottom to soak oil)
Medium bowl (for noodles)
Big mixing bowl (30 qt size)
Colander/Strainer (strain meat and noodles)
Scissors (cut noodles)
1 or more person to assist you


Soak glass noodles in a bowl filled with hot water. This allows the noodles to rehydrate and easier to mix into the filling. Set aside until softened. I prefer to buy pre cut veggies to save time. Feel free to cut your vegetables whole. Try to get very thin cuts of vegetables so that it's easier to roll. When slicing the onion, place them right away in a bowl of cold water to prevent you from tearing up. Cut your cilantro and green onions and set aside.
Sauté oil and garlic in a cooking pan/wok and add ground pork. Cooking the meat ahead of time will prevent a wet and juicy filling. Once meat is cooked, add sliced onions (makes sure to drain water first) and cook just until it softens (softer onions are easier to roll). Pour into a colander/strainer to allow excess juice and oil to drain. Set aside to cool down.
Drain noodles into a colander and rinse with cold water to remove excess starch. Use a pair of scissors and cut into smaller strands. Mix vegetables, pork mixture, and seasonings together. Remember to save 2 egg yolk so you can seal your wrappers. Adjust seasoning as needed. The trick I do is to cook about 1 T on a pan and taste test the mixture. If filling is too soggy, feel free to add more cabbage or place filling in a straining basket to allow the excess juice to drain.
Start peeling your wrappers onto a plate/kitchen towel (prevents corners from drying out). I peel about 1 package at a time. Preheat oil to 350-375 degrees. I usually just eyeball the temperature by testing how fast the oil cooks the rolls. Working on a flat surface, place one sheet in front of you with one corner side pointing to you (should be like a diamond shape). Use a spoon/cup to help portion the scoops. I grab a heaping spoon (roughly 3 T to 1/4 cup) per roll. Focusing on the bottom portion of the diamond, place scooped filling 2 inches above the corner. Dip finger into the egg yolk and spread it at the top corner or the wrapper. Spread enough to seal the wrapper at the end. Back to the rolling, bring over the bottom corner and tuck into your filling (similar to rolling a burrito). Roll 360 degrees towards the other end then fold in the sides corners (corners should overlap about 1 cm). Finally, just tuck and roll (make sure it's tight to get a nice crisp eggroll, loose eggrolls can get mushy when cooked) and let the egg yolk seal the wrapper for you.
Place raw eggrolls alongside each other. When stacking the second layer, align them perpendicular to the layer below it (this prevents the bottom layer from getting too squished). Use the next pan to place raw eggrolls. When oil is ready, fry them until golden (roll them around to get an even color on all sides). Each batch takes about 5-7 min, depending on your heat. Roll and cook as you go. This is about a 2-5 person job.
When the rolls are cooked, place them standing tall to allow them to cool. If you place them flat and stack news one on top, the bottom layer will become soggy so that's why I prefer them standing tall. Enjoy with dipping sauce! (To reheat to get that crispiness, I broil them in the oven for about 2-3 minutes on both sides)

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