From the Kitchen of: Tom Girolamo '82 and Kathy Clarke-Girolamo '83
Category: Main Course
6 cups unbleached flour
1 – 12oz can or bottle of Wisconsin beer
1 packet dry yeast
½ cup olive oil
1 egg from a Wisconsin free-range chicken
¼ teaspoon salt
Glass of wine


Place beer in microwavable container and heat in microwave to 110 degrees (45 seconds-90 seconds). Check temperature with thermometer. Pour beer into mixing bowl, add yeast and wait 5 minutes to be sure yeast is working. Add olive oil (save measuring cup from olive oil to grease bowl), egg and salt. Mix with fork. You can hand stir and knead the dough, but we prefer our KitchenAid mixer with the bread hook. Place 6 cups of flour into a second mixer bowl and place that bowl on the mixer. Start mixer at lowest setting. Slowly add liquid ingredients and mix for about 5 minutes. The dough should be fairly stiff and not stick to beater. If it does stick add small amounts of flour until dough does not stick to bowl sides or beater. Increase speed of mixer one notch and mix for 2 more minutes. Increase speed of mixer one notch and mix for 2 more minutes. Remove dough from mixing bowl and use the last few drops of olive oil that are still in the measuring cup to oil the inside of the bowl. Place dough in oiled mixing bowl and place a towel or plastic wrap over the top and let the dough rise for 2-4 hours or until in doubles in size. After rising the dough can be used immediately, refrigerated for one week or frozen for 6 months. Just cut or tear off the amount of dough you need for each crust (after being brought to room temperature), roll into ball, and use a rolling pin to flatten on a floured counter top (sprinkle flour on crust while you are rolling it out to make it stretch easier and not stick to the rolling pin). Place on pizza pan, pizza stone or peel and add toppings and bake.
Additional Notes: We received a registered trademark for UglyPizza® many years ago. We have used the pizza for fund-raisers and fun! Now you too can enjoy a really good pizza and you don't need a wood-fired oven to do it. You can make this crust thin or thick as you like, but we find a thin crust with a thin layer of toppings is always a hit.
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