6 Tips to Stay Healthy in 2017
(And show your New Year's resolution who's boss)

 Workouts and Breakdowns

Some of the following elements are incorporated in the workouts provided below:

  • Compound Movements: You should be using compound movements that cross multiple joints and recruit multiple muscle groups.
  • Short Rest Periods: Rest periods should be at a complete minimum to increase the demand on the body, and making the session more metabolically taxing.
  • Full Body Workouts: You should do combo movements that cover all the major muscle groups from head to toe.  This is to increase the overall demand of the session, and to help exceed your fat loss goals.
  • Core Training/Stability Ball: These are workouts that will activate your core and you can also incorporate the use of a stability ball. These specific exercises will force all the muscles of your body, from your chest to your glutes, to activate. Activating these muscles can also help make everyday activities become easier!
  • Dumbell Resistance: You should use dumbbell to trigger your muscles to work with weighted resistance to shred fat even faster. Asking your muscles to push and pull weights will increase the demand of the muscle, aiding in a caloric burn for up to 3 days, depending on intensity.
  • Upper Body/Lower Body/Core Combinations: You should use a combination of exercises at a high level of full body demand. These combos will be working multiple muscle groups, therefore, advancing your overall physique, and shredding more and more calories for ridiculous results and fat loss.
  • Cardio Component: High Intensity Interval Training (sprints, bike, rower, skier or jump rope work) or Metabolic Conditioning at least once per week for 30 to 45 minutes. If you feel you are plateauing, switch to steady state aerobic training for 45 or 60 minutes for two weeks, then switch back to HIIT or Metabolic Conditioning again.

The following workouts include resistance training programs and exercises that function to promote fat loss through metabolically demanding exercise that uses a combination of equipment.



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