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This issue, the point is that Flat Stevie loves Dr. Seuss.

“Oh, the places Flat Stevie will go!”

You’re in Stevens Point; downtown on Main Street.
You stop in your tracks and think, “I need to eat!”
Luckily, you’re in the right place for food
But with so many options, how do you choose?
No worries, Flat Stevie is here by your side
He’ll show you around
He’ll be your guide.

Your first destination is just steps away
The sign on the door reads, “Guus on Main”
Salads, soups, burgers and more
Rounds of cheese curds?
You’ll order four!

The next stop is close, though you mustcross the road
Stevie’s excited
He’sabout to explode!

He crosses, then pauses, in front of a place
Then says to you, with a big smile on his face,
“For breakfast or lunch, this spot can’t be beat.

The Wooden Chair is a great place to eat!”

With no time to waste, Stevie’s off like a jet
“There’s more to pick from,” he says, “do not fret!”

Polito’s Pizza is next on his list.
Polito’s Pizza must not be missed!
You’re amazed by how many pies there are—
Supreme, quesadilla, mac ‘n’ cheese…
You’ll take all of these!

There’s no stopping now
‘Round the block you two go
Father Fats, on the corner,
Is next, don’t you know.

Not sure what to order? Get comfy, and then you
Can take a look over the tapas-y menu.
Unique renditions of nachos and stir-fry…
The plates here are meant to be shared,
So don’t be shy!

After sampling menus, you and Stevie are stuffed.
“ I couldn’t eat more,” he proclaims with a huff.
You agree, and steal a quick glance at your phone
How is it already time to go home?!
As you go on your way, you hear Stevie shout,
“I can’t wait for the next time we’re out and about!”
So when you’re in Point, give ol’ Stevie a call.
He’ll meet you, then feed you.
That’s the best deal of all!


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